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Fortis Academy endeavors to develop Christian leaders, thinkers and communicators by partnering with families in the distinctive University Model format (teaching 2-3 days per week). We seek to provide an education that is both classical and Christian and to equip students to know, love, and practice what is true, virtuous, and beautiful for the glory of God. 

Academic Director

Fortis Academy is looking to hire an additional member to our administration team to be dedicated to the academics of our school. The position of Academic Director requires having a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education as well as at least five years of combined experience in classical education. The Academic Director will lead and be accountable for the Academic Committee which works with the standards established by our school and also required for ACCS accreditation. This position will also have oversight of the creation and maintenance of assessment testing among other responsibilities.

Schedule: Part-Time (Negotiable Hours)

Location: On Campus in Liberty Hill, TX

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  • Help direct the management of the school faculty of Fortis Academy under the direct oversight of the Head of School
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Honor contractual obligations as written in the Fortis Academy employment contract and prescribed by the Head of School and School Board
  • Represent Fortis Academy in a professional manner
  • Promote and endorse the philosophy and objectives of Fortis Academy as expressed in the school handbook


  • Accountable for the management of the Academic Committee that sets curriculum for the schools of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric
  • Responsible for the management of the Academic Committee by-laws
  • Responsible for ensuring that the Rhetoric Graduation plan is inline with ACCS standards and aligns with the curriculum being taught 
  • Responsible for ensuring and documenting macro level subject alignment (horizontal and vertical alignment) starting with Kindergarten and proceeding up through 12th grade  
  • Responsible for classical training programs for teachers and administrators
  • Encourage teamwork and healthy feedback between faculty members and administrative team
  • Evaluate and help improve the classical skills of teachers:
    • Visit classrooms and observe teaching methods
    • Evaluate using clear, objective guidelines
    • Review instructional objectives 
  • Actively work with teachers to:
    • Develop and maintain high curriculum standards
    • Develop objectives and scope and sequence
  • Regularly observe grading records to ensure that teachers are recording grades in a timely manner and that accurate weighting is applied and consistent across all classes
  • Notify/conference with students and/or parents regarding academic probation
  • Consider concerns of teachers when making administrative decisions
  • Responsible for the creation and maintenance of assessment testing for new students  and existing students
  • Work with administration on class schedules for 6-12th grades
  • Develop and manage library resources
  • Coordinate PSAT, CLT testing for perspective Rhetoric students
  • Responsible for educational partnerships with external institutions and tracking students that utilize them and their progress

Regarding Academic Counseling:

  • Meet yearly with high school students to assist them in planning their schedule
  • Keep official schedule records and revise as necessary
  • Assess progress toward graduation twice yearly.
  • Set standards for valedictorian, salutatorian, and honors awards for graduation