School of Rhetoric

Prepare them to Lead

Teaching our children to love what is good, true and beautiful!

The School of Rhetoric (9th-12th)

Philosophy: Preparation for Leadership

A classical Christian education is not content with students whose minds are full of facts and whose reason helps them find truth. Students must learn how to persuasively communicate that truth to influence the world. Each year builds upon the previous, with students constantly polishing and perfecting their communication skills. The culmination of this training is when each student writes a senior thesis paper and defends it before an audience and a panel of experts.

Grades: 9th – 12th

Meets at School: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Works from Home: Tuesday and Thursday

Curriculum: Communicating Truth

  • Rhetoric and Theology
  • Language Arts
  • History
  • Science (Biology & Astronomy)
  • Advanced Latin
  • Mathematics (Advanced Math, Geometry, Calculus)
  • Communication & Public Speaking

The philosophy of education at Fortis is rooted in the biblical example set forth by Jesus, who took ordinary people and did extraordinary things in and through them. Therefore, a student who satisfies the requirements for admission , and is subsequently recommended for enrollment in the academy,  will be challenged and equipped to move to a higher level of spiritual and academic accomplishment in preparation for college and life. Added to this is the fundamental focus on preserving and strengthening the God-ordained family relationships in which Christian faith and education is most effectively fostered—thus we provide the “gift of time” to students and families by offering a university model schedule of classes.