School of Grammar

Teach them to Love Learning and Truth

Teaching our children to love what is good, true and beautiful!

Philosophy: Loving Learning

In the Grammar School, we carefully and intentionally cultivate the genuine and lifelong love of learning through classic children’s literature, fundamental Singapore math principles, phonetical reading strategies, and the life-enriching classes of art and music. Students build strong fundamentals in the basics of the core disciplines, but blended with relevant life skill principles such as relationship building and social problem solving.  We do all of this in a nurturing, Christian community of learners.

Grades: 1st – 5th

Meets at School: Monday and Wednesday

Works from Home: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday**

**Note: Grammar students do have the option of taking electives on Friday

Curriculum: Building Blocks of Learning
  • Phonics and Reading
  • Spelling
  • English Grammar
  • Math
  • History and Bible
  • Classical Literature
  • Fine Arts
  • Introduction to Latin
  • Science