Welcome To Fortis Academy

A Private Classical Christian University Model School

located in Liberty Hill, Texas

Developing Christian thinkers who lead and serve others for the glory of God

“We came to Fortis Academy 5 years ago from public school and didn’t know what the Classical Christian University model was all about.  Today we are thrilled to see the academic strides our children have made, now in 6th and 10th grade.  We highly recommend Fortis to anyone truly wanting their children to understand a Christian worldview and to be challenged academically through the Classical model.”

McKethan Family

A Fortis Story:

Fortis graduate, Cayden Couchman, discusses how Fortis Academy’s Classical model prepared him for college success.

What is the Fortis Difference?

There are Christian schools in almost every community, but Fortis Academy distinguishes itself as a Classical Christian school that is a genuinely unique place of learning. At Fortis, we strive for the highest academic standards, provide an enriched education experience for the whole family that brings learning to life, we employ a distinguished faculty committed not just to their discipline but to infusing their passion and love for Christ within every classroom, and an unwavering dedication to pursuing God’s truth, beauty, and goodness within the context of a Christian worldview.

Mother's Day Out

Prepare them to Learn


The Foundation of Learning

The School of Grammar

Teach Them to Love Learning and Truth

The School of Logic

Teach Them to Think

The School of Rhetoric

Prepare them to Lead the Next Generation

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An Introduction to Classical Education by Dr. Christopher A. Perrin is a guide for parents evaluating educational choices for their children. Read it and find out what classical education, like the one at Fortis, is all about!