Fortis Academy Homeschool Partnership

Partnering with Homeschool families to enrich and expand their academic offering

Fortis Academy partners with Home-school families to help enrich and expand their programs by offering multiple options:

  • Elective programs:
    • K – 5th: Art, music, drama, and foreign language on Fridays from 9am – 3pm.
    • 6th – 12th: Theater, Art, and Computer programming on Friday from 3pm- 4pm.
  • Al-a-carte offering is for 6th – 12th grades and enables your students to attend individual Fortis classes without being fully enrolled.  The al-a-carte program provides parents with needed help in certain subjects that can be challenging to teach at home while also providing social interaction.

When you become a Fortis Academy home-school partner, your students are able to participate in all Fortis Academy activities such as social events, special programs, and sports.  We welcome you to contact us and explore how Fortis Academy can assist you today.

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